SMRANZ Scrap Metal Recycling Association of New Zealand, INC

Our new brand

9th of August 2019

On 26th July 2019, the Association announced the implementation of a new brand - NZ Association of Metal Recyclers:  Making Metal Matter.

President Richard Harrison noted that the theme of Making Metal Matter can be applied across a range of stakeholder groups.   "We are the only industry body in New Zealand that understands the resource recovery industry of metals recycling." 

The green in the new AMR logo is to help promote the environmental benefits of recycling metals; even metals that are not accepted by kerbside recycling can usually be accepted by a metals recycler - something that members want the public and policy makers to understand.

Membership in the Association is a seal of quality and gives assurance to people wanting to recycle that they are dealing with a professional who is licensed under the Secondhand Dealers & Pawnbrokers Act.

NZ Association of Metal Recyclers:  Making Metal Matter